The story behind Corner Coffee Co. was not simply a passion for coffee, but a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Coffee, fabulous coffee has become our platform and vehicle for spreading the Gospel. When we decided to build a business we knew the end goal could not be just to benefit us. It needed to benefit those that would work with us, our community, and world. 

In 2014, we have been raising money for the Oromo Bible Project.  The Oromo people of Ethiopia is a people group that the Gospel is quickly spreading through.  We have been using profits to translate and deliver Bibles to these new believers.  

In 2015 we will shift our focus to local and foreign adoption and fostering.  As a foster family, our hearts are deeply burdened for the children without families.  As believers, we are called to be actively striving to lavish the love of Christ on these children.  In 2014, we have been able to give three $500 scholarships to families in our community pursuing adoption!  We want to continue and spread those efforts in 2015.  Stay tuned as we reveal our plan and how you can be involved in our vision simply by choosing Corner Coffee Co. for your morning cup of coffee. Check out our blog for more info

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