Corner Coffee Loves Adoption and Fostering!

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Here at Corner Coffee we are passionate about adoption and foster care in our local community and across the world. As foster parents Danielle and I are committed to raising awareness about the need for families to open up their homes and hearts to the children of this world that need a “forever family.” One of the big reasons we founded Corner Coffee was a dream in our heart of doing something big within our community to help children who need more than a roof over their head, but a family to belong to. We are still committed to that dream. 


Corner Coffee Co. has now been in business for two years. The ups and downs of regular business ownership have been present everyday, but so has the passion to make a difference. Recently we researched some national statistics that made our hearts hurt for the children in foster care.


  • 52% of inmates in our jails were at one point in their childhood in the foster care system
  • 23,400 kids age out of the foster care system each year. Who do they go home to for Christmas and Thanksgiving? Who calls them on their birthday?  Who walks them down the aisle on their wedding day?
  • 1 in 5 will be homeless after 18.
  • 42% will graduate high school and only 2% will attend college.
  • 71% of girls will become pregnant within a year of leaving the system


We can’t fix every problem within the system, but we can be a part of the solution. We can’t change the entire world, but we can do our part. So here is what Corner Coffee is doing. Every time you buy our coffee online we are going to donate $2 per bag of coffee purchased to our “Forever Family” fund. We are sponsoring families who are fostering and adopting both locally and across the oceans. We will sponsor a family until we reach $500 in our “Forever Family” fund and then we will award them the scholarship to aid in their adoption. 


We understand everyone is not in a place in their lives to foster or adopt, but you can be intentional to make a difference for those that are. If you are drinking coffee every morning why not drink coffee that is supporting families who are adopting and fostering? The more you and your friends buy, the more children we can help find their forever home. 


We will do our best to keep our Corner Coffee Family updated on the families that we support here on our site. Thanks again and keep watching for our subscription option that will be available soon as it will also support the “Forever Family” fund as well!

Click here to shop for coffee and support adoption!

The Corner Coffee Team

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